do you remember that simple sandwich that always seems to taste better when made by the knowledgeable crew at the deli? mcdonalds survey on perhaps unsurprisingly, with 27% of respondents selecting steak over homemade meals, steak came in top place among items that people like to eat at a restaurant. according to the new york times, there is a scientific justification for why food tastes better when it is prepared for you. —taco bell survey it would seem that thinking about the meal while it is being cooked might reduce your appetite. kroger feedback survey @ of course, there are other, often fatter, reasons why restaurant food tastes better. - wendy's receipt survey according to anthony bourdain, a single restaurant supper often contains a whole stick of butter because it increases flavour, gives food a smooth texture, and adds a desired gloss (via moneyversed). panda express survey at even quick-service restaurants are aware that adding fat, sugar, or salt improves food flavour. lowe's $500 sweepstakes at according to, these additions may intensify cravings and persuade customers to purchase more meals. of course, not all restaurant food is created equally, and a recent tasting table study revealed that some diners would rather leave particular dishes to the experts. dgcustomerfirst – dollar general survey leave these feasts to the pros, if possible. pancakes garnered 25.2% of the votes and came in first. it turns out that creating this breakfast staple is trickier than you may think. there is a broad range of potential pancake mistakes, such as using ice-cold ingredients, overworking the batter, and combining ingredients in odd ways. since there are so many possible issues, it is better to leave pancakes to the experts. - culver's receipt survey we are aware of the cause: starting with the cow, a perfect steak may be difficult to recreate at home. a good restaurant would often dry age its beef for a more flavorful and tender cut; retail steak is generally wet aged. high temperatures are used by infrared broilers in restaurants to perfectly sear the steak, which is difficult to do at home. of course, the addition of butter to steaks at restaurants also raises their average cost. bacon doesn't appear to be one of those things, despite the fact that many dishes taste better when prepared by someone else. www jacklistens com survey the majority of readers, according to a recent tasting table research, think that this cut of pork is best cooked at home, with just around 8% preferring to buy it from a restaurant. big lots survey at the top three choices, however, were rather close together. eating your greens when dining out came in third for 24.7% of those surveyed. restaurant salads seem to be superior than their homemade counterparts in terms of salad dressing ratios, appropriate seasoning, or the many ingredients required to make your favourite sweetgreen meal. similar to this, 15% of respondents responded that if they were eating out, they would prefer a potato that had been expertly cooked. stopandshop survey @ with so many great steakhouses in the us, you won't have to go very far to get top-notch, skillfully cooked steaks within your budget. placing prudent orders makes sense when you take into account the rising cost of food.

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