S7 (Medium) Mono Block

  Technical Data    
Motor 1.0 HP
Pump Body Cast Iron
Motor Body Aluminium
AMP 4 Max
Frequency 50 Hz
Suction Lift 24 Feet
R.P.M 2850
Capacitor 25 UF
Max Head 40 Feet
Volts 200 ~220
Bearing 6203 ZZ
Max Water O/P 10000 Ltr/H
Impeller Brass
Motor Shaft Steel
Seal Mechanical Seal
Insulation Class F

ELECTRIC MOTOR: The pumps are close-coupled to a carefully matched SHAHZAD electric motor, quiet running, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), suitable for continuous duty.

SINGLE PHASE: 220V - 50 Hz with capacitor of 25µf and thermal overload protector built into the winding.
(3-Phase is available on demand)

APPLICATIONS: For suction up to 50 ft. Mist irrigation, dairy and farm applications, garden watering applications.

INSTALLATION AND USE: They are recommended for pumping clean water or water with suspended particles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The pumps must be installed in enclosed places, or at least protected against inclement weather.